Upper Moreland Free Public Library

The Upper Moreland Free Public Library is seeking committed volunteers interested in serving as Library Trustees for terms beginning in January 2014. Click Here for more information.

Volunteers play a big part in keeping the Upper Moreland Free Public Library running, from our devoted group of Adopt-a-shelf volunteers who make sure the shelves are in order, to the members of the Used Book Sale group who organize the donations received and ready them to be sold.

We appreciate your willingness to volunteer your talents and abilities to assist the library, its patrons and the community. Listed below are the typical volunteer positions that UMFPL seeks to fill. Please fill out our Volunteer Application and return it to the library if you are interested in any of these opportunities, we will do our best to match your interests with the Library’s needs.

If you would like to volunteer in a group, or would like to discuss volunteer opportunities other than these, please contact Cathy Gilmore, Volunteer Coordinator at 215-659-0741, contact us from our contact page, or e-mail [email protected].

Please note that all positions are not available at all times throughout the year

  1. Used Book Sale volunteer – assisting the Friends of the UMFPL organize and sell donated books.
  2. KidZone volunteer – Clean toys, straighten up the children’s room, prepare craft/fine motor materials for children, and assist the library with set up before or during children’s programs.
  3. Community Special Events- Assist UMFPL staff at community fundraising events, festivals, fairs and other events. Examples of events include First Friday in February volunteers and passing out library information at a community fair.
  4. Plants & Décor – Do you have a green thumb?  Help provide the library with a regular rotation of arrangements or plants from cuttings or divisions from your own plants or gardens.  Assist us with the feeding and watering of our houseplants and keeping the library’s greenery looking good.
  5. Special Performers – If you have a special talent, come share it with UMFPL!  For example: clowns, specialized storytellers, musicians, dancers, and people with interesting hobbies or specialized knowledge to share. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator to inquire about arranging a special program or performance.
  6. Bilingual Storyteller – Are you bilingual? We are interested in volunteers who would like to read books in another language to our younger library patrons.
  7. English Conversation group leader – Are you experienced with teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) We are seeking volunteers who would be willing to host a conversation group where individuals learning English can practice their language skills.
  8. Computer Aide – Provides direction in the usage of computer hardware and software to patrons during classes or designated computer instruction “drop-in” times.

 The library attempts to respond to all volunteer applications within two weeks.  If a position is not available at the time your application is received we will keep your application on file for six (6) months, and contact you if an opening occurs during that time.