Upcoming Shows

Join us for outstanding foreign and independent films followed by a discussion lead by Dr. Maurizio Giammarco of Temple University.


September 17th @ 2pm


Dutch ~ 103 minutes ~ Rated R

Fourteen-year-old Michiel comes to the aid of a wounded British soldier near the end of World War II, and finds himself involved with the Resistance. As the end of the war is nearing and Michiel has come of age, he discovers the differences between an adventure and the stark realities of war.


 October 15th @ 2pm


 French ~ 130 minutes ~ Rated R

After the death of their mother, a set of twins make a life-altering discovery. The pair  travels to the Middle East on a mission to uncover the story of the woman who brought them into the world, discovering a tragic fate as well as the courage of an exceptional woman.


November 19th @ 2pm


Danish ~ 103 minutes ~ Rated R

The crew of a Danish cargo ship is hijacked and taken hostage by Somali pirates. The pirates pick the ship’s cook as interpreter, to engage in escalating negotiations and ransom demands with their company CEO and authorities.