Board of Trustees

Meeting Change of Location Notice

Upcoming Board of Trustees meetings will be held virtually, via Zoom, until further notice

Community members who would like to attend must email the library their intent to participate by Wednesday at 12:00pm in order to be sent a link.

Alternatively, emailed questions or comments may receive a reply within a week from the UMFPL executive director or board president.


Those interested in serving on the Library Board of Trustees should download and complete the application (depending on your browser:  click here, or right-click and choose “save link as” to save the blank form to your computer)

The completed application can be saved to your computer or printed. Printed applications can be mailed or dropped off at the library’s information desk. Applications may also be emailed as attachments to [email protected]

Application for Library Board of Trustee


Seven volunteer residents of Upper Moreland Township form the library board along with two appointed Upper Moreland Township commissioners.

Ethics Statement for UMFPL Library Trustees

  • Trustees in the capacity of trust upon them shall observe ethical standards with absolute truth, integrity and honor.
  • Trustees must avoid situations in which personal interests might be served or financial benefits gained at the expense of library users, colleagues, or the situation.
  • It is incumbent upon any trustee to disqualify himself/herself immediately whenever the appearance of a conflict of interest exists.
  • Trustees must distinguish clearly in their actions and statements between their personal philosophies and attitudes and those of the institution, acknowledging the formal position of the board even if they personally disagree.
  • A trustee must respect the confidential nature of library business while being aware and in compliance with applicable laws governing freedom of information.

Meeting Notice

Library Board of Trustees meetings 2020
2nd Wednesday of each month*
Upper Moreland Free Public Library Community Room** 7:00pm
January 8
February 12
March 11
April 15 (*3rd Wed.) – Cancelled
May 13 – Cancelled
June 10 – Cancelled
July 8 Held virtually via Zoom
August 12 – Held virtually via Zoom
September 9 – Held virtually via Zoom
October 14 – Held virtually via Zoom
November 11 – Held virtually via Zoom
December 9 – Held virtually via Zoom
January 13, 2021

The meetings are open to the public.
Margie Peters, Executive Director
Upper Moreland Free Public Library

2020 Board of Trustees members:

Juan Suarez Romero, President
Lisa Quinn, Vice President
David Hakes, Treasurer
Melissa Osborne, Secretary

Tamra Goodrow
David Solot
Moureen Wenik

Cheryl Lockard (Appointed Commissioner)
Nicholas Scull (Appointed Commissioner)