Daytime Book Club

Join in the discussion each 1st Thursday of month at 2:30

Click here for a printable version of the 2019 selections.

We also have an Evening Book Club that meets the last Wednesday of every month at 7pm.

This event is free and open to all adults. No registration required.

September 5th  ~  Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy.  417 pages, published 1976

Connie Ramos is a Mexican American woman living on the streets of New York. When Connie is contacted by an envoy from the year 2137, she witnesses a possible future where sexual and racial equality, environmental purity, and unprecedented self-actualization is contrasted with an alternate future of grotesque exploitation in which the barrier between person and commodity has finally been eroded. One will become our world. And Connie herself may strike the decisive blow.



October 3rd  ~  It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis.  384 pages, published 1935

A cautionary tale about the fragility of democracy. It Can’t Happen Here is an alarming, eerily timeless look at how fascism could take hold in America. Written during the Great Depression, when the country was largely oblivious to Hitler’s aggression, it juxtaposes sharp political satire with the chillingly realistic rise of a president who becomes a dictator to save the nation from welfare cheats, rampant promiscuity, crime, and a liberal press.





November 7th  ~ Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver.  480 pages, published 2018

Willa Knox has always prided herself on being the embodiment of responsibility – so it’s unnerving to arrive at middle age with nothing but a stack of unpaid bills and an inherited home that is literally falling apart. Willa hopes that the local historical society might provide funding for its direly needed repairs and through her research into Vineland’s past and its creation as a Utopian community, she discovers a kindred spirit from the 1880s, Thatcher Greenwood.




December 5th  ~ How We Got to Now by Steven Johnson.  293 pages, published 2014

Explore the history of innovation, tracing facets of modern life (refrigeration, clocks, and eyeglass lenses, to name a few) from their creation by hobbyists, amateurs, and entrepreneurs to their unintended historical consequences. From accidental genius and brilliant mistakes  – How We Got to Now investigates the secret history behind the everyday objects that shape contemporary life.