Black History Month

February 2020


Create collage art inspired by some of our favorite Black children’s book illustrators.

Pick up a kit with artist bios, collage art samples, and materials to create your own collage masterpiece.

From Out of Wonder illustrated by Ekua Holmes

From Uptown by Bryan Collier

From Radiant Child by Javaka Steptoe

Photo Credit: Abigail Best Thank You, Omu! by Oge Mora From Thank You, Omu by Oge Mora




The world didn’t see its first Black superhero until July 1966, in an issue of Marvel’s Fantastic Four (#52). That was Black Panther.  Black Superheroes Matter, but they are still under-represented in popular media today.

We are celebrating Black superheroes by featuring YOUR artwork of Black superheroes in the Teen Zone.

Submit artwork in any format of your favorite Black heroes OR create one of your own!

Drop off your artwork at the Information Desk or email digital art to [email protected]


Artwork: Black Superheroes of the Marvel Universe by Luciano Vecchio