BLOXELS Video Game Challenge

Have you ever wanted to design your own video game? Join UMFPL’s Bloxels Classroom by registering in the form below to start designing with Bloxels!

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What is Bloxels?  Here is the creator, with some awesome demos of the types of games you can create:

Once you register, you will receive a UMFPL class code to join.  Bloxels has A LOT of step-by-step tutorials for creating characters, designing backgrounds, configuring power-ups, developing enemies, all the details you will need to create, play, and share a video game!

Download the Bloxels app on a tablet, or visit on a computer or Chromebook to log in as a student with UMFPL’s classroom code.

Ready to start?  Try jotting down some details to help you plan your game.

Who is the hero of your story?

Does your hero have a superpower or special ability?

What is your hero’s quest?  What challenges must be overcome?

What other cast of character will you create?  Friendly helpers? Enemies?

What is the name of the game world?  What is it like (light/dark, dry/wet, friendly/hazardous)?


Are there items to collect? Power-ups?

Try sketching out important “rooms” for your Gameboard as you think about the layout.




Publish your game by September 30 for others to play and receive a video game laptop decal of your favorite pixelated characters!

Didn’t finish by then?  You can keep designing and creating in our classroom to prepare for the next challenge!