How To Make Butter

How-To Kits with materials for making butter are available in the Kids’ Room starting November 16.   Available while supplies last!

Kits include: Mason jar, label, chalk pen, fabric square, yarn

Add your own heavy whipping cream and salt to get started!



Kids are always fascinated with learning how to make butter, and this time of year always seems like the perfect time to do it. Children always love being able to add their homemade butter to a special family meal!

Pour heavy whipping cream into the jar and fill about half way. Let the heavy cream come to room temperature. (This will help it turn to butter more quickly.)

Begin shaking your cream in the jar. Getting tired?  Make it a group effort and keep taking turns!

After a few minutes you will notice the cream thicken. It has become whipped cream!

Keep shaking.  Soon you will hear liquid sloshing inside the jar again. The cream is separating.


Keep shaking.  Soon you will feel something banging on the sides of the jar as you are shaking. You now have buttermilk and a ball of butter in your jar.

Pour out the buttermilk. (You can save it to use in baking later!)

Almost done!  The butter is actually fine to eat at this point, but these final steps will make it even better!

To remove excess moisture, place the butter in a small bowl and slowly pour some ice water over it. Use a small spoon to press the remainder of the buttermilk out of it. Pour out the water and continue a few more times.

Add salt to taste, and it’s ready to eat!  Try it out on some bread or crackers!

Store in the fridge for up to three weeks.


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Want some extra flavor?  Try these tasty combos:

Cinnamon+ brown sugar

Garlic + herbs (any combo of basil, parsley, sage, thyme)

Old Bay seasoning + lemon zest

Rosemary + minced olives

Chipotle pepper + fresh cilantro + lime zest


Decorating your jar

Your kit has some extra materials to make you jar festive for fall – either to give as a gift or to stand out on the table at a special family meal!

  1. 1. Use the chalk marker to write or draw on the black label and stick it to the smooth spot on the side of the jar.  To use the marker, push down on the tip, shake with the cap on, push the tip down, and write!  The tip is double sided so you can pull it out and turn around for a different sized writing thinkness.








2. Cut the fabric square into a large circle (optional – it looks nice leaving it square, too!)  Lay the fabric centered on top of the jar lid and secure with a rubber band.  Use yarn or string to tie a decorative bow around the rubber band.