Page One Series

Promote reading while connecting with the Library community online.  Record yourself reading the first page (or first 2-3 paragraphs) of a work of fiction and submit the video using the form below.

Click here to submit a Page One video with your Google account!  

Don’t have a google account? No problem. Upload your video to a cloud service of your choice (for example: DropBox, iCloud, OneDrive…). Once you upload your video share the file with us (make sure to give us download permission) and email us the share.  With your submission, please provide the following information: Your name as you’d like it to appear in the video description; the title & author of the selection.  Contact us if you have any issues or questions.

Video tips and requirements:
-Book must be a work of fiction (required)
-Record your video in landscape mode (click here for example).
-Set your recording quality to its highest setting.
-Make sure your recording space is well-lit. Natural light works best.
-Wait a minimum of three seconds after pressing record before you start reading (required).
-Wait a minimum of three seconds after you finish speaking before you end the recording (required).
-State your name, the book title, and author name before reading. Example: “Hi, my name is Mary. I’m from Willow Grove, PA and today I’m reading the first page of Emma by Jane Austen.” (required)

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