Stranger Things Virtual Escape Room

Pick up your police files from Chief Hopper on October 25, available while supplies last.

Gather a team of family and friends, or solve it solo!

Trapped in the Upside Down. A Stranger Things virtual escape room.

As a member of the Hawkins MS AV club, you are distraught to hear that your friend Will has gone missing. You and the remaining members of the club have offered to help Chief Hopper find your friend. He has provided you with a copy of the police files. You realize the files contain the information needed to break Will out of the Upsidedown. The clock is ticking and you only have 60 minutes before the portal closes and it is too late.

Once you have your clues, START HERE.

Did you solve all of the puzzles and save Will?  Let us know HERE to be added as a Champion Dungeon Master below!