Artist of the Month

Every month we pick artists’ work to display in the Library!

The Artists' Tools!Are you a talented artist? Do you live to paint or draw? Do you carry your camera with you everywhere for that perfect snapshot? Maybe you make beautiful quilts or clothes with needle and thread, or throw pots on the wheel.

Upper Moreland area teen artists can submit their painting, non-sketch pencil or ink drawings (no lined notebook paper please!), sculpture, fabric arts, mixed media, collage, and/or computer-generated art for the Middle School or High School Teen Artist of the Month award. Submit one to five pieces of artwork at the UMFPL reference desk or email Becky samples of your submissions. The award will be given to one recipient in each age range on the first of every month.

Artists of the Month will have their work on display in the young adult section of the library for one month and be interviewed and photographed for a profile to be displayed in the library and sent to local papers. Each award carries a prize.

Former recipients of Artist of the Month are disqualified from receiving the award for one year.

Please contact us with any questions.