Diabolical Dragon Caper

Hi it’s Library Lil. THANK YOU so much for volunteering to help us get our property back!

We need YOU because I am currently on an extended trip to the Dolomites. Ever heard of them? They are massive mountains in northeastern Italy. They are also called the “Pale Mountains” because of the pale grey mineral (dolomite) they are made from. My eccentric friend, Ginger, invited me along on rock climbing trip. Unfortunately on my second day here, I twisted my ankle and now I’m stuck in our hostel while Ginger goes climbing.

SO here’s some background on what we are calling the “The Diabolical Dragon Caper”.

Last week while we were preparing for our annual jewelry sale, we found that someone had anonymously donated a valuable emerald ring. We nicknamed it “Eye of the Dragon” because of its striking green color. Before selling it, we decided to put it out in our library display case so anyone who wanted to would have a chance to see it. Imagine our horror when one morning we came in and it was GONE!

Luckily we found some crumpled paper on the floor and we think it contains some important clues.

Click on the crumpled paper to print out the “Evidence Board” or stop by the kid’s desk at the library and pick one up.

When you have your clues and you’re ready to get started, call this TOP SECRET number: 215-935-4071 to get your briefing. Follow the instructions to help us solve this mystery. PLEASE!