Schedule Test Proctoring

Information Desk Staff at the Upper Moreland Library will proctor examinations and tests for distance learners if the demands of the student and the institution fall within the criteria listed below and the procedures outlined are followed.

There is a fee of $15.00 to proctor an examination for a student engaged in distance learning. If postage is not included on envelopes provided by the college or university to return completed examinations, students must also provide postage. The fee is due the day of the exam and may be paid by check (payable to Upper Moreland Library) or cash.

  1. Proctoring requiring direct supervision, including where the screen is visible to the proctor the entirety of the exam or the proctor is required to be present in the testing space, will not be provided.
  2. Proctoring is completed in our “Quiet Room” a shared space. Single occupancy space is not available for proctoring.
  3. Tests are scheduled by staff at the Information Desk. Visit the Information Desk in person or call 215-659-0741 to schedule a test date.
  4. The examination must be taken during scheduled Library hours.
  5. The student is responsible for calling the Library to verify that the exam has arrived prior to the exam date. The Library will not alert the student. Please call the Information Desk (215-659-0741) to confirm.
  6. All mailing charges, photocopying, or other costs associated with the exam are the responsibility of the student.
  7. Library staff will not take the completed exam to the post office, UPS, or FedEx mail drop. We will include the completed exam with our regularly scheduled outgoing mail. The student or institution must provide a self-addressed, postage paid envelope in which to mail the exam.
  8. At the request of the institution, the Library will retain a copy of the exam for up to eight weeks. After that time, the copy will be destroyed.

There is no charge for these services other than those specified above.

If you have further questions about proctoring, please call the Information Desk at 215-659-0741. Visit our Policies & Procedures page for the library’s proctoring policies.