Seed Library

Our Seed Library is NOW OPEN for the season until October 2023!


The UMFPL Seed Library was established for our community to borrow, share, and grow seeds. Unlike a regular library, the seeds you borrow are yours to keep. However, the Seed Library welcomes saving seeds from your harvest to return to the library and donations of other seed varieties. The ultimate goal of the Seed Library is to develop a free and reliable local seed source for the community.



  • Please take seeds to the front desk for checkout. This will help us to track the success of this collection.
  • Please take only the amount of seed that you need.
  • Each labeled envelope of seeds contains five or more seeds of the same variety.
  • Check out our Resource binder for more information on local growing climates, seed saving, planting guides, and more!


Have seed donations for the Seed Library?

Please fill out a donation form (found in the bottom drawer of the Seed Library) and drop off your seeds and form at the front desk to be sorted and packaged.

Remember to include as much relevant information about the seeds you are donating on the donation form to ensure staff are able to correctly label your seeds.

About the Seeds in this Library:

All the seeds in UMFPL Seed Library have been donated by the local community, donated by seed saving organizations, or purchased by the library.

Seed Organization:

There are two shelving units for the UMFPL seed collection, one for flowers and the other for vegetables, fruits, & herbs.

Within each shelving unit the seeds are organized alphabetically by common name.

Each envelope is then labeled with the following information (as applicable/available):

Common Name, Seed Depth, Plant/Row Spacing, Days to Maturity, Hardiness/Light, Spread/Height

Finally, each seed envelope is labeled with a sticker to designate the growing difficulty level of the plant. For a detailed explanation of the level of growing difficulty labels, see our Seed Library Information & Resources Binder.


Stop by and talk to a UMFPL staff member, call 215-659-0741, or send us an email!