Elevate Your Year: Dive into a Learn it Live adventure!

The best choice you can make for the New Year is joining Learn it Live! You’ll find live and recorded classes on topics such as health, wellness, spirituality, career and personal development. Joining for me was a no-brainer. And with a library card, it’s free!

Engaging classes

If your New Year’s resolution includes calming stress or relaxing more, then Learn it Live is for you. I greatly enjoyed the “De-Stress and Succeed” class, which was part of a seven-week workshop. I learned how my personal beliefs contribute to my stress and how I can choose to create change in my life. If you’re ready for change, I highly recommend taking this class!

Maybe your career needs a makeover. Consider enrolling in the “How to Get Promoted” course. Hosted by two career development experts, the course provides step-by-step advice for interviews. You can also complete a mock interview, discuss what you’ve learned, and plan your next steps for success. I found the course easily understandable and applicable for a variety of career paths.

Did I mention all the yoga classes? So many different types of yoga to choose from — restorative, yin, laughter yoga. I can’t wait to try laughter yoga!

Tips for using Learn it Live
It’s easy to find classes from your favorite presenters. Simply go to their profile to find a playlist of classes they’ve hosted. I found the “My Classes” tab incredibly helpful when using the app. By clicking this tab, I can access all of the classes I’ve registered for. I can also find classes I might be interested in through the suggestions provided. I’m looking forward to trying that yoga class next!

Try it yourself!
Joining Learn it Live is easy! Head to your Libby app, tap the library icon at the bottom, scroll down to extras, and there it is — Learn it Live, your gateway to mindfulness. Grab your library card to create your account and gain access to all the great classes. Try it now! It’s free!

Outreach and Community Engagement Librarian

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Roaming by Jillian Tamaki; Mariko Tamaki
Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
Enola Holmes: The Graphic Novels by Serena Blasco