Most Popular Children’s Books of 2023

Have you ever wondered what the most checked out books are at your local library? Well, you are in luck because we have the answers for you! Let us look back at 2023’s most popular children’s books at UMFPL.

Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea by Dav Pilkey

For fans of Captain Underpants or Cat Kit, Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea brings a new installment to the popular Dog Man series. In this edition, Piggy is back, and his newest plot is his most diabolical yet. Read along as Dog Man and the rest of your favorite characters join together to save the city.

Mary Anne’s Bad Luck Mystery: A Graphic Novel (The Baby-Sitter’s Club) by Cynthia Yuen Chen

From the popular graphic novel adaptation of The Babysitter’s Club comes Mary Anne’s Bad Luck Mystery. When Mary Anne throws away a chain letter that she gets in the mail, bad things start happening to everyone in the Baby-sitters Club. With Halloween around the corner, everyone is spooked. Read along as Mary Anne unravels the mystery of the chain letter.

Moon Rising: A Graphic Novel (Wings of Fire) by Tui Sutherland

For fans of dragons and fantasy, Moon Rising: A Graphic Novel by Tui Sutherland continues the Wings of Fire series in this sixth installment. In this new addition to the Wings of Fire series, Moon finds herself overwhelmed by her secret powers with strange thoughts, including those of a possible dragon enemy. When someone starts attacking dragons within the academy, Moon has to decide whether to stay hidden or risk everything to save her friends.

Big Nate: Prank You Very Much by Lincoln Pierce

If you love humorous tales of a middle-school kid, then Big Nate: Prank You Very Much is the perfect book. Based on the Big Nate T.V. show, Big Nate: Prank You Very Much features stories from two shorts and two complete episodes. This graphic novel combines the animated series’ artwork with the hand-drawn illustrations familiar to fans of the Big Nate comics. Be sure to check out his awesome compilation of Big Nate’s most epic pranks!

School Trip by Jerry Craft

One of the best graphic novels for kids in recent years, School Trip by Jerry Craft follows a group of friends from Riverdale Academy Day School on a school trip to Paris. When their trusted school chaperones are replaced at the last minute, the school trip takes an unexpected turn. How will the friends embrace a new language, unfamiliar food, and a different culture? Will they all end up feeling like the “new kid”?

We hope you enjoyed looking through the most popular children’s books from 2023 at UMFPL. Graphic novels have become increasingly popular due to their ease of reading and eye-catching illustrations. Curious about our juvenile graphic novel offerings? Stop in or check them out HERE.